Being injured is scary, whether it is at work or elsewhere. However, being injured at the workplace is even worse because you may have a hundred questions in your mind, such as –

  • How will I pay for treatment? What doctor should I go to?
  • How long will I be unable to work? Will I still get paid?
  • Will my job still be there when I go back?
  • Will I be fired?

Unfortunately, there are cases where employees have to struggle to get the benefits they deserve. Fortunately, doctors who specialize in workplace injury cases can help you with this confusing process. Here are answers to some of the commonly asked questions by injured workers.

Can I be fired if I cannot do my job after being injured?

While covered employers have to provide employees with job protection and unpaid leave for qualified medical reasons, it depends on the specific case. Your doctor can help you with the necessary documents and understand your particular situation so that you can move forward with a plan that gets you the best results.

What happens if I sue my company?

Generally, workers’ compensation law allows you to claim compensation but also prevents you from filing a lawsuit against your employer.

What if I have more questions?

Your doctors will work with your insurance adjusters to provide you the best possible treatment. Many workers comp doctors offer free consultations for anyone injured while working. It may be a good idea to consult a workers comp attorney too.

To consult the best work and personal injury doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, call Arizona Injury Medical Associates at 480-347-0941. Workers’ comp doctors will not only help you recover from your workplace injury or illness but also help you with the necessary case documentation you need to file your claim.