Ray C.
Surprise, AZ
“I have been through pure HE double hockey sticks since my work related injury. The legitimacy of my case was never questioned where I work, in fact, our “Safety” representative was there when it happened. OWCP on the other hand is very, very adversarial in spite of what is posted on their site. As usual, OWCP assigned my Neurosurgeon as my Primary Care Physician (they do that because they know as soon as your surgery is over your Surgeon will have done all they can and will soon grow very tired of the paperwork). I went to where the Surgeon refered for pain management. After a year, my surgeon was done, and rightfully so, so I requested that OWCP allow me to change my primary care to the pain management Dr. I had been seeing the entire time. They DENIED it !!! Ridiculous… They won’t accept any diagnosis from anyone other than my Primary Care, and my Primary Care wouldn’t do anymore paperwork…. I quickly learned that’s their game !!!! and they almost always win because once your Dr. won’t do it, and they won’t allow you to change………… well… they get to pick the Dr. then !So, I hired a consultant who told me about Dr. Adarmes and staff at AIMA and advised me to get with them because this is their area of expertise. So, with direction from my Representative, I was advised how to get changed over to Dr. Adarmes as my Primary Care.Now, if you are dealing with Workers Comp, and it doesn’t matter if it’s State or Federal you know how it feels to be in ‘limbo’ with no information. Seriously, with my pain and loss of function in my legs combined with OWCP’s brutal inhumane treatment I was suicidal. As soon as I was in contact with Dr. Adarmes’s office………… WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!!! They stayed in contact with me to let me know as each step was received and approved by OWCP (so I knew something was happening). Within 5 weeks now, he has completed the paperwork that OWCP required, which was also sufficient for my workplace. He is very, very knowledgeable and actually cares. He explained to me a lot more than any of my other Dr.’s, not only about my injury, but how that might affect my OWCP case. All I can really say is that I wish I would have known about him when all this started. I truly believe my journey would have been WAY less stressful, and I could have avoided a lot of grief and tears.

It’s not a question of IF you should choose Dr. Adarmes, you simply SHOULDN’T GO ANYWHERE ELSE !”

Wendy K.
Phoenix, AZ
“RE: Dr. Adarmes, I feel like they are always looking out for my best interest. They run a tight ship and have one of the best running medical practices that I’ve ever seen. Very nice people and certainly I would send the dearest person in my life to them for care. Also, Dr. Adarmes is so quick to recognize things I feel that he can size things up so quickly, in an instant. I wish that he was my primary care Dr. for everything else it would save me years of time.

I would never look for another Dr. again. He really does listen and really does care. Very good Dr. to send your clients to. Very pleasant office to visit. This practice is a rare find. You can trust them with your clients. It is so hard to find anyone you can trust out there that will take the time to really listen and help watch out for you. Dr. Adarmes does not over crowd his schedule and takes the time with his patients;. My medications are always ordered on time and arrive at my home like clockwork. Dr. Adarmes and his office are on top of it. Having a good practice like this has made my life so much easier at a time when nothing is easy anymore. ”

Robert G.
Anthem, AZ
“I have been a patient of Dr. Adarmes since March, 2013. Prior to seeing Dr. Adarmes, I was with 4 other providers. Two of the providers performed 3 sets of spinal epidural injections with no relief of pain. The other two providers either prescribed narcotic pain relievers or various muscle relaxers that provided varying degrees of pain relief, but far from pain free. Dr. Adarmes looked at medications outside of muscle relaxers and narcotic pain relievers. 8 months later, I am relatively pain free and able to function to a fair degree. Overall, I am at a much better place than eight months ago.Carolyn, who runs the office, knows how to navigate through the various workers comp agencies. Having a provider who knows the policy and procedures of various agencies, speeds up the process in getting treated and prevents out of pocket expenses.

I recommend Arizona Injury Medical Associates, P.L.L.C. to my co workers and am very glad I found them. The pain was so overwhelming prior to seeing Dr. Adarmes, that it was affecting my marriage and my mental health. While I am not healed up and probably never will be, I am able to function for the most part. As long as I limit my activities and follow Dr. Adarmes’ directions, I am relatively pain free and for that I thank Dr. Adarmes and his office.”

Yvonne P.
Phoenix, AZ
“You guys are truly a godsend.”
Lily Z.
Casa Grande, AZ
“I would like to say that this Dr. has been wonderful. He shows that he cares a lot and likes to explain your conditions. He shows compassion and is wonderful with his treatments. They are prompt with refilling your medications. This office treats you very well.”
Daniel T.
Anchorage, AK
“It was great using you guys. Thanks again!”
Ernie A.
Munds Park, AZ
“Dr. Adarmes- great bedside manner.”
Wendy G.
Las Vegas, NV
“I did like them. They are very patient. I would like Dr. Adarmes as my doctor.”
Mario R.
Yuma, AZ
“Thank you. Very friendly.”