Work Injury Doctor at AIMA

Why you should choose Arizona Injury Medical Associates, P.L.L.C. as your clinic for on the job injuries for federal or Arizona Workers Compensation?

Work Injury Doctor


Dr. Demitri A. Adarmes has treated injured workers in several states for over 10 years. He currently accepts claims from over a dozen states and is an expert in both medical treatment along with the administrative paperwork.. He is also a provider for federal workers compensation patients (OWCP/Department of Labor) and understands the complexities of evaluating and treating patients within the OWCP system.

Treating injured workers is a highly specialized field and requires an understanding of the process from the opening to closing of a claim. You want a physician who is not only experienced, but one who is willing to put forth the effort of completing a great deal of paperwork for you.

Dr. Adarmes is a certified ABIME examiner for the 5th and 6th Edition of the AMA Guides. This means he is also an Independent Medical Examiner, and can either perform an IME on claimants or review the ratings of other physicians to ensure for accuracy. You may be fortunate enough to find a physician to see you for your work injury, however, few will be willing to perform a rating, when required. Dr. Adarmes will perform IMEs and provide ratings for claimants in the states of Arizona, and Washington. He will also rate OWCP claimants/patients.

Common Mistakes Encountered During a Work Injury:

  1. Report of Injury is filled out incorrectly. When you are injured on the job, you should list or inform your physician of all areas of the body that were affected during your accident. It is sometimes tempting to only list the area that hurts the most, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you do not mention all parts that are injured. It is far more difficult to add a diagnosis down the road than declaring it up front.
  2. The injury is not reported to either the employer or the doctor in a timely fashion. This can hinder the process and make it far more difficult for the claim to be accepted.
  3. Your physician lists symptoms rather than specific diagnoses for your claim. For example, your physician lists on the documentation that you have back pain, which may be true, but WHY do you have back pain? It is better to be more specific and state lumbar sprain/strain from lifting a 40 pound box at work if that is the case.
  4. Your physician is unfamiliar with writing work restrictions, which are instructions that your employer relies on to allow you to perform tasks on the job and keep you working in a safe environment.
  5. Your physician is unfamiliar with the jargon necessary to substantiate if they feel your diagnoses are more than likely related to the injury you had on the job. Using words such as “possibly” or “maybe” are not strong enough to substantiate your claim. You need a physician who is experienced in the medicolegal jargon that is necessary for documentation purposes.