Your workers’ comp doctor plays a vital role in your workers’ compensation case. Your doctor not only provides you the best treatment and cares to help you recover, but also help you with case documentation for your workers’ comp claim. This paperwork can make a huge difference to whether you will be able to get the benefits you deserve.

To get the best results, follow these tips while talking to your workers’ comp doctor.

Attend your appointments

Being present at all your appointments is important. Your doctor would want to know how you are responding to a medication or treatment. During your visit, discuss with your workers’ comp doctor how exactly you are feeling.

Not showing up for a scheduled appointment can hurt your credibility and your claim. To reschedule an appointment, call your doctor’s office well in advance.

Be honest

To ensure your complete recovery, your workers’ compensation doctor needs to know how you are feeling and what the effects of the prescribed treatment are. Always be truthful about exactly what is going on with your health so your doctor can make informed decisions and document detailed information to file for your claim.

Share concerns, ask questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your health or recovery, let your doctor know. For complete recovery, share any health concerns you may have. Share your complete medical history, all insurance information, and all information pertaining to your injury.

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