If you suffer a workplace injury, you may wonder whether you should call a worker’s compensation doctor or not, especially if the injury doesn’t seem too severe. Some people are not sure if they should go with the doctor their employer or the work comp insurance carrier recommends. There are too many decisions to make at a time when you are in pain and thinking of paying your bills.

When it comes to your medical treatment, here are three signs you need to call a worker’s compensation doctor.

You suffered a workplace accident

Don’t feel that you need to push through the pain, if you suffered an accident at work. Reach out to a worker’s compensation doctor for a health exam and understand what steps you can take next.

You aren’t sure about your employer’s recommended doctor

After an injury at work, if you feel that the doctor your company sent you to seems biased or is putting the insurance company’s interest ahead of your own, you can consult another doctor who specializes in workers’ comp injuries. Choosing a doctor, you are comfortable and confident about, can make a great difference to your treatment outcome.

You can’t keep up with the documentation

Dealing with the paperwork involved in an injury claim can be daunting. If you don’t understand or are unable to keep up with all the complex paperwork, reach out to a worker’s compensation doctor. A worker’s compensation doctor is experienced in helping you with the required paperwork to connect the injury to the accident and clarify any questions you have.