If you have suffered a work injury and your employer has sent you to a doctor of their choice, it is important for you to act quickly to reach out to a doctor who would be on your side. Your doctor and your diagnosis act as the foundation for your workers’ compensation claim.

The right doctor can be the difference between fulfilment and denial of the payment of your medical bills and wage loss.

This is why you can’t leave such an important decision to your employer. Employers and their lawyers would obviously try to avoid paying workers’ compensation claims to prevent an increase in their insurance premiums, drawing attention to unsafe work environments, and workplace safety penalties.

Your Right to Choose

In many states, employees have can choose their work injury doctor. Employers that tell their employees that they have to go to their doctor or else they don’t get benefits. This is simply incorrect.

There is nothing more important than your physical health and you can’t leave that to your employer. Your financial health is equally important. Most people can’t afford to be stuck with huge medical bills and lost wages.

Without the right doctor, both physical and financial health could be at stake. However, before you choose a new doctor, ensure that changing your primary physician is in accordance with the workers’ compensation rules in your state.

In many states, you have to see the doctor your employer chooses once. If you continue with that doctor, s/he becomes your treating physician. But you can choose your own work injury doctor after the first evaluation by your employer’s doctor. If your employer or their insurer is pushing you to a doctor of their choice, you should seek the advice of a work injury attorney right away.

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