If you have been injured at your job, you are entitled to receiving payment for medical bills and lost wages from your employer under workers’ compensation law.

Unfortunately, many injured workers brush off their injuries as minor, and wait till the pain becomes too much, before visiting a doctor.

So, most workers struggle with the question of how long they have to bring a case for the treatment they need.

While there is no fixed answer to this, a thumb rule is that the longer you wait to get medical treatment, the more difficult it becomes to prove that your condition is related to a work injury.

It may not be impossible to do so but you would need a credible doctor and workers’ injury attorney on your side. On the flip side, the insurance company’s doctor will try to prove your current symptoms couldn’t possibly be related to the work injury.

So, while there is no set time limit for visiting a doctor for your work injury, it is recommended that you do so as early as possible right after your injury. Nothing is more important than your health. Many injuries do not present with symptoms right away because the body is in a state of shock. If the symptoms appear later and become chronic, you would not only go through a great deal of pain, you may even lose out on wages because of unpaid missed work.

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