Whether the fault was yours or someone else’s, recovery from a car accident is not easy. Worrying about missed work days and dealing with insurance is frustrating enough. But things may get even more difficult when you or a loved one suffers injuries in the accident.

Recovering from physical injuries and mental trauma takes time and this is why it is essential that you see a personal injury (or work injury, if you carrying out a job-related task) doctor. This is not only important for insurance but also for your own healing and well-being.

There are several types of injuries that one can suffer during a car accident.

Spine Injuries

The upper or cervical spine or neck consists of the 7 small vertebrae. The most common car accident injury that can hurt your neck is whiplash. This occurs because your body is moving in one direction and it comes to an abrupt stop at the time of collision or if you rapidly change directions. These injuries can be serious, causing pain, headaches, numbness, and even ringing in your ears or blurred vision.

Other injuries to the spine include herniated discs, causing low or middle back pains and pinched nerves, broken spinal bones, and fluid buildup near the spinal cord.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Such injuries may range from mild concussions to severe brain damage. Even if there are no visible symptoms like cuts and bruises, it is no guarantee that that damage hasn’t been done. You could have bleeding, swelling and even bruising on the brain with no visible symptoms.

Injuries to Extremities

From cuts and bruises to fractured bones, tears and damage to soft tissues, the range of possible injuries to legs, arms, hands, and feet is vast.

It is always better to be safer now than sorry later. See a personal injury doctor or a workers compensation doctor, depending upon when and how you sustained injuries, as asoon as possible if you have been in an auto accident.

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