Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions with millions of cases reported annually in the United States alone. Ninety percent of individuals will end up with back pain at some point in life. Many myths about back pain have surfaced – from bed rest treatment to surgery as the only option.

Below are the top 5 myths about back pain that you should be aware of. Not everything you have heard about this condition is true.

Myth #1 – Chronic back pain is only helped with surgery

While back surgery is sometimes necessary, it is not the only form of treatment for chronic back pain. Conservative treatment consists of medication, physical therapy, injections and Federal Injury Doctorchiropractic – all of which can be highly effective in relieving pain when performed by a federal workmans comp doctor. Back surgery is only an option when all other treatment measures have failed.

Myth #2 – There is nothing that can be done for back pain

As previously discussed, there are a number of treatments that have proven to be highly effective in the reducing back pain. If you suffer from back pain, even if it is chronic, it does not have to be a painful life sentence.

No matter how severe the pain is, methods of treatment are available. Some back pain may be challenging to treat and some may never be eliminated 100%, but there are many options available to help reduce symptoms. Medication, physical therapy and spinal injections are all options for treatment along with spinal decompression therapy.

Myth #3 – Back pain will only get worse with age

It is true that degenerative disc disease can develop as a result of aging, but back pain Work Comp Pain Doctor Phoenixdoes not always get worse as a person gets older.  Just because a person ages does not mean that they must endure severe back pain.

Back problems can actually be improved as time goes by, especially if treatment is received. Exercise, physical therapy, interventional pain and chiropractic treatment can help reduce pain even in the golden years of life.

For those suffering from spinal arthritis pain, long term studies have shown pain often is relieved with age, as the tissues stiffen up eventually.

Myth #4 – Chiropractic care makes back pain worse

Due to a lack of knowledge and awareness, some people are afraid to receive chiropractic care. They believe that cracking the back will lead to increased pain. This is not the case. Skilled chiropractors make spinal adjustments that are rarely painful. Acute pain may be reduced within the first visit.

Myth #5 – Bed rest is essential for back pain recovery

Even if you experience back pain, bed rest is not what is needed to improve symptoms. Exercise is actually the most vital component of a healthy and properly functioning back. Studies have shown that as little bed rest as possible is best, with patients getting up and active being the best option.

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