For individuals suffering from back or leg pain of either the peripheral nerve, sacroiliac joint, or the facet joint, there are injection treatment options available.  Each is a viable option for the area they are being injected to, and offer a unique approach at reducing a patient’s pain.

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Medial Branch Block

If an individual sustains an injury at work, it may result in persistent back pain or a pinched nerve. This may benefit tremendously from one of these options administered by a Phoenix work comp doctor.

Peripheral Nerve Injection

This injection is used only when a single nerve, or nerve cluster, is the direct cause of pain for an individual. This condition is known as neuralgia, and often is the result of nerve injury caused by either trauma, compression, or an instance of ischemia. The injection deadens the nerve causing pain in order to block the ability to send a pain signal to the brain. This technique is known as a nerve block, and serves as one of the best options in preventing chronic nerve pain.

This block can prevent the pain a person is feeling, provide relief for as long as nine months, and is a very safe option. Complications for a peripheral nerve injection are rare, and the procedure is relatively painless, requiring only ice administered to the injection site to prevent inflammation.

Sacroiliac Joint Injection

This injection, also known as a sacroiliac joint block, is used primarily as either a method of diagnosis for low back pain or as a treatment option for those suffering from chronic low back pain. The sacroiliac joints are positioned next to the spine and work to connect the

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SI Joint Injection

sacrum with the hips of the body. There is one on each side of the body, and within these, it is possible to have either joint inflammation and/or dysfunction leading to flare ups of pain.

The sacroiliac injection serves a dual-purpose for patients: first, as a method to diagnose the location of a pain source within the body, and second as a method to counteract this pain. While these two are often done at the same time, it is possible to have an injection that is purely diagnostic or purely therapeutic.

Facet Joint Injection

The facet joints of the body are the small joint portions at each segment of the spine that help to provide the body with stability, and assist the spine in flexible motion. Arthritis of the spine, a back injury, or stress to the joints of the spine can all lead to pain within the facet joints. The injection administers local anesthetic to block the pain of the joints. This is done most often to numb the joints and make them more susceptible to the therapeutic treatment of the spine.

An additional type of injection for facet joint related pain is a medial branch block. This may provide excellent relief for months at a time.