Overuse injuries creep up on you slowly but they can prevent you from moving your body normally. However, you can take a few measures to reduce the likelihood of developing an overuse injury.

Go gradual

A common reason people develop an overuse injury is taking on too much too soon. You may be eager to begin or increase the level of a new exercise or activity. Doing too much of any new physical movement(s)without giving your body the time to get used to it may strain the body, in ways it is not adapted to yet.

You can prevent the excessive stress by gradually building up the intensity and time spent on the new exercise or activity

Sufficient rest between activity or movement is important too. Your body needs time to recover from the exercise, especially when it is still adapting to it.

Proper form

Improper form can also lead to overuse injuries. If you are moving your body such that it overloads certain muscles, tendons, and joints, you can get injured. For example, if your job involves heavy lifting and you bend ta the back instead of your knees to lift objects up, it may cause an injury. To gradually build up your workload, you need to slowly develop proper form to prevent chronic issues from building.

Right Equipment

Depending on the activity or exercise, use the right equipment in the right size to safeguard and support you.