Some industries have faced the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic and airlines are one of them. With fewer travelers and multiple safety restrictions, the busiest airports look deserted.

However, the number of travelers is steadily increasing and the flight and ground crews need to do a lot, as the airports get busier. Like any other workplace, airports also pose work-related dangers for employees.

COVID-19 represents a major safety threat for airport workers. However, there have been several longstanding threats for airlines and ground crews, potentially leading to work comp claims.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Lifting heavy luggage, loading and unloading passenger luggage may cause sprains, strains and ligament damage in ground crew.

Extreme heat

Especially in places where the summers are hot, the weather conditions may affect the airline workers. Ground crews have to work outside, which makes them susceptible to heat stroke and dehydration.


Hearing loss could result from prolonged exposure to high and excessive noise.

Slip-and-fall injuries

Slip and fall injuries may occur both inside the airport terminal or outside, along or on the runway.

Exposure to emissions and infections

Toxins and chemicals from aircraft fuel and exhaust can prove hazardous. An infection, such as COVID-19, can affect airline employees as they are in regular contact with passengers.

Violent passengers

Angry, frustrated and intoxicated passengers may lash out. Violent attacks can cause severe injuries, ranging from bruising to fractures and concussions.

Stressful situations

Airports are busy places. Workers often face excessive stress due to the need for quick work turnarounds.