While it is the responsibility of your employer to ensure a safe workplace, it is best to prevent workplace injuries before they happen.

Be Aware

Regardless of the level of hazard in your job, follow the following guidelines –


  • Completely familiarize yourself with safety guidelines for both your job as well as the job site / project / workplace.
  • Practice what the guidelines tell by conforming to them at all times.
  • Be aware of any hazards in your job.
  • Even if your job involves working at a computer all day, you need to be aware of the safety guidelines. This includes your office equipment as well as the knowledgeable of ergonomics and ensuring that you get up and move around throughout your day.

Get Adequate Rest

In order to prevent work injuries, especially if you have a high-risk job, you need to make sure that you get plenty of rested before you head to work. Lack of enough rest and sleep can distract you at work, making a workplace accident more likely. Try to sleep on time so that you get at least 6 hours of sleep each work night.

Wear Your Safety Equipment

Your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or safety gear is there for a reason. It can considerably reduce your risk of a workplace injury. Whether it’s a hard hat, safety goggles, or gloves and safety shoes, wear the required safety equipment at all times.

Safe Lifting Techniques

If your job involves picking up and carrying heavy loads, you must use safe lifting techniques, even if you sometimes need to ask for help. If you’re a heavy item, you should remember the following things.


  • Know your route, and clear the desired safest path, if necessary.
  • Let those around you know about your lift, to prevent them from unknowingly getting in your way
  • Get assistance when necessary.
  • Lift from a power position, with your eyes and chin up, face forward, and keep your eyes parallel to the floor. This will ensure the safety of your back.
  • Keep the load close to your body to avoid strains and sprains to the back, arms and shoulders.
  • Use a staggered stance. Keep one foot in front of the other for a more stable lift and better balance. This will also reduce the chance of a back strain.
  • Do not twist your body while making the move. To avoid any unnecessary strain on your back, use your feet to change direction rather than turning or twisting your upper body.

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