Work-related injuries are not uncommon. The best doctors to treat your work injuries are pain managements specialists who can provide the very best pain relief for your acute or chronic pain.

Regardless of how your injury occurred, it’s important that your condition is correctly diagnosed and you receive the right treatment so that you can move toward recovery and get back to living your life.

Work-related injuries are not limited to heavy lifting or hard outdoor professions. An increasing number of cases are being reported by workers, who are performing repetitive motions or even working in a light office environment.

Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect workers from expensive medical bills for treatment of injuries sustained while working.

Here are a few common work-related injuries –


  • back pain from a slip and fall
  • crushed vertebrae in a car accident
  • bulging disc from lifting heaving objects
  • lumbar disc injury from a heavy object falling onto the worker
  • ongoing headaches
  • pain in bending or reaching after tripping over an object
  • complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) from falling down stairs
  • pain from a laceration to the fingers, hands, or face
  • compression injury from crushed fingers
  • carpal tunnel pain from extended keyboard usage
  • machine injuries
  • injuries due to traveling for work in salespeople, on-call medical professionals, and delivery drivers
  • injuries due to proximity to danger, in cases of a construction worker, miners etc.

Regardless of your injury, it is important to seek urgent medical attention.

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