Medical treatment and care can be the most important benefit provided in a workers’ compensation case. You obviously need good medical treatment to recover from a serious injury.

Unfortunately, many injured workers find it frustrating to get medical treatment. There are rules about which doctors you can seek treatment from and whether you can choose your doctor. The insurance company may also make it difficult to get the treatment your doctor recommends.

To ensure you get the right medical treatment on time, you need to understand the rules.  You also need to know what you or your attorney can do if the medical treatment recommended by your doctor is not approved by insurance company.

Who pays for my medical treatment?

Your medical treatment is paid for by your employer or the workers’ compensation insurance company. Apart from the medical treatment, the workers’ compensation law also provides for lost wages (temporary total and temporary partial disability benefits) and permanent impairment benefits (permanent partial disability).

You are entitled to medical diagnosis and treatment for your work-related injury. You can get treatment that helps to heal your injury. You can also obtain treatment that offers pain relief or helps you return to work.

However, there are other workers’ compensation rules that need to be followed to get medical treatment paid for by the insurance company. One such rule is that the workers’ compensation insurance company only has to pay when treatment is provided by authorized medical providers.

How can I see a doctor after my injury?

If the rules say that the insurance company will pay medical treatment only with authorized medical providers, you have to seek treatment with an authorized medical provider. What the insurance company may not tell you is that you can choose your treating physician.

If your employer follows the rules right, you should have a choice among at least 6 doctors.  If not, you may be able to see the doctor you want to treat your injury. You can also have your treating physician changed if you are not happy with the doctor you first chose.

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