Many workplace injuries are preventable as well as treatable if the sufferer sees a doctor right after the workplace accident. To prevent work-related injuries, it is important to learn about the most common ones and how you can help keep yourself safe.

Slip and fall

Slip and fall injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries. The causes of such injuries vary depending on the type of workplace where they occur. Wet floors are a common cause of slips and falls in offices, retail businesses and customer service settings. Debris or tools lying on the floor can prove hazardous in construction or labor jobs.

Injuries from slipping and falling include sprained joints, broken bones, torn ligaments, and muscular injuries.

Exertion-Related Injuries

If the job involves physical labor, you may be risking overexerting yourself and musculoskeletal injury. Persistent back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and joint pain could be the sign of a serious injury due to overexertion at work and requires medical treatment.

Musculoskeletal injuries may also be caused due to work involving repetitive-motion, such as Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Machine and Vehicle Accidents

Workers on a machine shop floor, construction site, factory or loading dock are aware of how hazardous working around heavy equipment and machinery can be. If your job involves working with or around heavy equipment and machinery, you could be at risk of injury due to negligent or unsafe equipment operation.

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