In case of an accident or injury at the workplace, your employer has the duty to report the accident, pay you sick pay and give you time off.

Your employer must report serious work-related accidents, conditions and dangerous incidents, including –

  • death
  • major injuries, for instance, a broken arm
  • dangerous incidents like the collapse of scaffolding
  • any other injury that prevents an employee from performing normal duties for more than 3 days.

Your employer has to perform a risk assessment and ensure that the health and safety of employees and visitors is taken care of. This includes providing first aid equipment and other facilities for the well-being of the employees.

Workers’ compensation

This is why, employers have Workers’ compensation insurance. They purchase this insurance for the coverage of employment-related injuries and illnesses.

Workers’ compensation insurance or workers’ comp or work comp is a state-mandated program that consists of paying an employee, who has been injured or disabled while executing a job-related task or duty, lost wages and medical benefits. The federal government offers workers’ compensation insurance for federal employees. Every individual state has its own workers’ compensation insurance program that applies to certain employers.

To be able to claim your workers’ compensation benefits, in case you are injured at work, you need to –

  • report your injury as soon as possible to your employer or supervisor
  • seek urgent medical attention
  • file your workers’ comp claim
  • keep a record of all reports, doctor’s diagnosis, treatment and prescription records, and any other documentation related to your injury or treatment

If you are injured at work, it is best to see a doctor who specializes in workers’ compensation cases. While it is not required to have a workers’ compensation lawyer, it is a good idea to have a workers comp attorney on your side to help you navigate the comples workers’ comp law.

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