Motor vehicle crashes are one of the leading causes of injuries and death in the USA. While airbags greatly reduce death from crashes, but airbags can also cause a number of injuries.

When a car collides with another car or an obstacle, it starts losing speed rapidly. If the deceleration is great, the airbag circuit is triggered. The circuit passes an electric current through a heating element which ignites a chemical explosive. As the explosive burns, it produces a large amount of a harmless gas that fills a nylon bag packed behind the steering wheel. As the airbag expands, it blows the plastic cover off the steering wheel and inflates in front of the driver.

Airbags inflate really fast and have become a key component in car safety systems because they help reduce the impact of collisions, reducing injuries for the driver and passengers.

Common Air Bags Injuries

The rapidity with which an airbag deploys can cause physical trauma. Here are several types of injuries to be aware of –

  • Face: While the airbag protects your face from the windshield glass, your face may be struck with the force of the airbag in your eye.
  • Chest: To stop your body from being thrown out of the car, the airbag comes out fast and hard. This leaves your chest vulnerable to injury.
  • Neck and Back: Air bags are installed to save your life but they can cause damage to the neck and back due to sudden impact.
  • Burns: The speed of airbag deployment can also cause abrasions or burns.
  • Internal Injuries: The chemicals released upon deployment can even cause an asthma attack.

It’s important to note that airbag deployment may cause serious injuries, but you may not realize right away. So, it is best to seek urgent medical attention right away.

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