Motorcycles account for only 1% of the amount of driving done but they account for 15% of road injuries. Since motorcycle riders are vulnerable on the road, any injuries should be immediately treated.

One of the best ways to ensure your well-being is to see a personal injury doctor. Personal injury doctors not only treat you promptly but also ensure that your documentation and charts are prepared before a personal injury claim.

Head injuries

Even if you were able to get up and walk around after your accident, it is no sign that you didn’t suffer severe injuries. It can sometime take years for signs of your injury to show up. For example, traumatic brain injuries may appear much later than the day of a crash.

Head injuries can be the most life-changing of all accident injuries and heal much differently too.

Bone fractures

A fracture shows up as swelling, pain, tenderness, or the inability to hold up weight. Since you get an adrenaline rush after an accident, you may find yourself surprisingly mobile in the moments following your crash. Pain and discomfort appear, after the initial shock subsides.

Back injury

Back pain affects most people, at some point in their life. If you feel serious back pain a few weeks or a month following a motorcycle accident, you might not be able to connect the two. You could end up with a herniated disc or acute sciatica following your crash. A motorcycle accident can trigger or even worsen existing back issues.

Spinal cord injury

Any damage to the spine can cause mobility issues, even paralysis. If you experience muscle spasms, numbness, or any kind of loss of movement, after your accident, seek the help of a personal injury doctor immediately.

Burn injuries

During an accident, if your skin rubbed against the road or even a softer surface, you could experience an abrasion or “road rash.” It can be mild or a severe.

If you experience a first-degree road rash, you can treat it like any other burn, household or otherwise. But if you’ve a third-degree road rash, you need urgent medical treatment, maybe even a skin graft or reconstructive surgery.

Internal bleeding

During the crash, if a blood vessel gets damaged, it could rupture internally. It may not become noticeable for hours or even a day. Bruising or purple skin around the injury, abdominal pain and swelling and feeling extremely lightheaded or absent-minded could be signs of internal bleeding.

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