The trauma due to a collision or a car accident can send our bodies into shock. The human body is not meant to sustain the force that a collision can generate. Even if you do not feel any discomfort or your injuries seem minor, it is critical that you seek urgent medical attention.

Here are the top reasons why sooner is better when it comes to medical intervention after a car accident.

Delayed Onset of Pain

A car accident is a trauma. Your body’s initial response to trauma is an adrenaline and endorphin rush to keep you alert and functional. This means you may not experience a too much pain or discomfort immediately after an accident. But that doesn’t mean you’re not injured.

The pain and disability due to auto accident injuries may sometimes take days to appear. However, by that time the injury may have worsened, causing more harm than it would have done initially. Seeking a doctor’s right away and having a treatment plan in place can expedite your recovery.

All Injuries are NOT Obvious

While many wounds are obvious, such as cuts and bruises, most auto accident injuries affect the soft tissues in the body, which are NOT so obvious. Common soft tissues injuries, such as whiplash, back sprains and disc injuries, may not be visible to the eye. A proper course of medical treatment is required to diagnose and treat them, and more importantly prevent them from worsening.


If you hit your head during the collision or the impact is forceful enough, your brain may hit the inside of your skull, causing a concussion. The symptoms of a concussions are dizziness, clouded thinking, inability to concentrate, nausea, blurred vision. They may not show up immediately. It is important to seek medical attention to ensure the not-so obvious injuries don’t affect your health in the long-term.

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