For your workers’ compensation claim, you need to go through an independent medical exam (IME). Since the doctor’s report has a huge impact on the benefits you would get, it is important that injured workers understand what is involved in it.

Here are the top 4 things you should know about a workers’ compensation doctor visit.

For the IME, you will most likely need to see a doctor chosen by your employer or its insurance company. Share the details of the accident, injury or illness related to your work, honestly and in detail. Do not skip any detail you think is not important. Every little detail is necessary for the doctor to evaluate the seriousness of your injury and can make a huge impact on whether or not you get the work comp benefits.

Although the IME is an “independent” medical exam, employers may choose doctors who will present medical information to support the employer’s case. Nevertheless, be honest and consistent in your description of the injury or illness and your symptoms etc..

Attend all medical exams, diagnostic tests and doctor’s appointments, including those arranged by your employer or its insurance company. A failure to comply can result in the denial of your workers’ compensation benefits.

Be honest and cooperative with the doctor performing the IME. Information obtained from an independent medical exam or other doctor visits can support or dispute your workers’ compensation claim.

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