You can’t miss out on any aspect of your workers’ compensation claim. Workers’ compensation claims include an independent medical exam (IME) and the doctor’s report is important to your workers’ compensation settlement.


Read on to understand what you need to know about the independent medical exam.


Payments and Reimbursements

In most cases, you will have to see a doctor that your employer or your employer’s insurer chooses. But your employer has to provide you sufficient notice of the doctor’s visit, pay for the doctor visit, and reimburse expenses for your visit. Remember that the travel expenses should be paid in advance of the doctor visit. You need not pay any medical expenses associated with the medical exam.


Work Comp Attorney

Since your employer would choose the doctor, it makes sense to hire a work comp attorney to be on your side to ensure the authenticity of the information provided the employer’s doctor.


Your attorney can also protect you against any questions that have the potential to be used to deny or limit your workers’ compensation claim.


Do NOT Miss Anything

It is essential to attend all medical exams. Any failure to attend doctor visits, the independent medical exam or tests may result in denial or delay of your workers’ compensation benefits.


Be true and cooperate with the doctor but do not share any attorney-client communications.


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