If you are injured at work, you are entitled to workers compensation. If you suffer a job-related injury or illness, here are 4 important things you must do to protect yourself.

Medical Attention

Seek medical attention immediately. Even if your injuries seem harmless, you should see a doctor. This is because some injuries may not be obvious initially but will develop pain and other symptoms later. Not seeking medical attention could also be interpreted as a sign of non-seriousness of the injury. Leading clinics, such as Arizona Injury Medical Associates in Phoenix, have experienced practitioners and friendly staff, who are experts in workers compensation cases.

Report to your Supervisor

In the unfortunate event of getting injured at work, you should immediately inform your supervisor, preferably in writing. This will start the process towards you receiving workers’ compensation.


Keep copies of all documents, forms, medical records. You may need any or all of those for your workers compensation claim. It is advisable to act quickly to prevent a delay in receiving your compensation.

Hire a Workers Comp Attorney

Your employer and the insurance company have lawyers. It is a good idea to hire a workers’ compensation attorney for your case.

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