Trigger point injections

Trigger point injections are one method for pain treatment. A trigger point injection is a procedure which treats painful areas in your muscle where trigger points are contained. A trigger point is a knot of muscle which can form inside of your body when your muscles fail to relax. In many instances the knots form and they can be felt directly under your skin. These trigger points can irritate the nerves and cause pain. The pain which is caused is called referred and this means that your pain might be felt in another area of your body.

What happens when you get a trigger point injection?

When you contact her AZ workers compensation doctor because of regular pain they may recommend that you have a trigger point injection to help remove the problem area and the subsequent pain it is causing. When you go into your doctor’s office for this procedure the healthcare professional will insert a small needle into your trigger point after applying antiseptic to the skin. This injection often contains a saline or a local anesthetic and can include steroids. Upon injecting your muscle trigger point will be rendered inactive and the pain will go away. There is often a short round of treatment to provide long-term pain relief. These injections are administered in a federal workers compensation phoenix doctor’s office and they take no more than a few minutes. If you have several sites which are problematic they can all be injected in a single visit. If you have an allergy to one particular drug, a dry needle technique can be used. This technique has no medications.

When should a trigger point injection be used?

A trigger point injection is used to treat multiple muscle groups especially the muscles in your neck, arms, legs, and lower back. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or tension headaches your doctor might recommend that you turned to a trigger point injection for treatment. If you suffer from a chronic pain which involves the tissue that surrounds your muscles your doctor might also use a trigger point injection to alleviate your pain. This is typically a secondary resort after other treatment methods have been attempted.

What are the benefits associated with a trigger point injection?
A trigger point injection brings with it many benefits including immediate pain relief and overall improvement to the function of your muscle group.

What are the risks?

If your trigger point injection mixture does contain steroids you are subject to the same risks and side effects that regular use of steroids will bring including an allergic reaction, bleeding at the site of the injection, infection, or skin discoloration. If you suffer from regular problems which require trigger point injections, and these trigger point injections contain a small dose of steroids, you can put yourself at risk for weakness in the muscular region. This is something typically associated with those who turned to trigger point injections as a treatment method for chronic pain not somebody who turns to the use of the injection for acute pain.