Here are some valuable Q&A regarding your orthopedic injury sustained while at work. Arizona Injury Medical Associates provides top notch injury work comp injury treatments to help provide pain relief and surgery avoidance.

Q. Can my employer contest the validity of my claim and contest that my injury is not work related?

A. Once you file a claim for worker compensation for your Orthopedic injury, the insurance Federal Workers Compensationcarrier will perform an investigation into the matter. Before your Phoenix workers compensation pain management doctor is given payment authorization, the insurance carrier will verify your claim, and once they have established the cause of your injury as related to your work, your AZ work comp doctor will provide you with medical treatment and care.

Q. If I am unable to perform my usual duties due to my Orthopedic injuries, will I have to be out of work?

A. The Phoenix injury doctor that you are consulting will perform a full evaluation of your injuries. In case of a partial disability, your workers compensation doctor may recommend a light duty program for you. A light duty program will let you continue working in a job position that has less strenuous work which you are physically able to perform. Despite the recommendation, if your employer does not have a light duty program, and are unable to create one for you, you might have to go out of work for the duration of your treatment.

Q. If I have been assigned a light duty program, and I am asked to perform a task that is not a part of my job description, what can I do about it?

Arizona workers compensationA. In the event that you are asked to do a job that your workers compensation physician advises against, make sure that you contact your Workers Compensation Coordinator. You should also inform the office and your work comp doctor so that any confusion regarding the jobs that you cannot perform are resolved promptly and with minimum confusion.

Q. Do I have to return to work the same day as the injury?

A. Your injury physician will first perform an evaluation of your injury. In case the injury is determined by the AZ workers compensation pain management doctor as minor, you may resume your work the same day. After the injury, you must visit your employer assigned  doctor so that they can advise you on whether you are ready to resume your duties, or require a medical leave of absence.

Q. What do I have to do in order to get excused for my absence from work in case of an injury?

A. Depending on your injury and the evaluation of your injury by your Phoenix, work comp physician you may be excused from returning to the office for the day. In order to get an official excuse from work, you must report your injury to your physician. You may have a genuine logo5injury that prevents you from working, but if you do not consult your workers comp doctor, you cannot be officially excused from work, and it might count as an absence instead of an approved official leave from work.