If you have suffered a work-related injury, you need immediate medical treatment. A good can help you with that. But the workers’ compensation cases are different. To ensure you get the right medical treatment and the benefits you deserve, you need to discuss a few important things with your workers’ compensation doctor.


Remember that your employers and their insurance company know the difference a workers’ compensation doctor can make to a case. Either them or their attorney would speak to your workers’ compensation doctor about –


  • the medical treatment the doctor would approve
  • the kind of work you can go back to – light duty or normal
  • if the doctor wants to refer you to a specialist or not

How does my workers’ compensation doctor affect my case?

Your workers compensation doctor can have a great impact on your workers’ compensation benefits. Here are the most important ways how –


  • The doctor’s diagnosis and opinion about your ability to work, and the quality of work you can do, will be used to decide your eligibility for temporary total disability benefits
  • The doctor can decide and refer you to the right specialist for your condition or injury
  • The doctor’s decision to allow you to do light duty work can impact the weekly benefits you receive.


So, your workers’ compensation doctor can influence several aspects of your workers’ compensation case.  This makes it critical to seek a good doctor who specializes in workers’ compensation cases.


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