All workers’ compensation claims filed with the Department of Labor are examined by the OWCP (Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs) to verify that the workers’ comp claim is valid. This is why you need a Worker’s Compensation doctor who is experienced in treating and documenting such claims.

OWCP Procedures

Any errors due to your personal doctor’s inexperience can cause your claim to be denied. This is why workers’ comp injury reports need to be compiled very carefully by an experienced doctor. An experienced doctor can also handle the cross-examination by your employer’s insurance company and attorney which is part of the process.

Timely and Accurate Filing

Workers’ comp doctors have enough experience in paperwork. Even a minor mistake by your physician could lead to extended questioning and claim denial. Worker’s compensation doctors are experienced to filing the paperwork accurately and in time.

Skill and Experience

A doctor, who is familiar with federal worker’s compensation laws, can mean the difference between approval and denial of your claim. Since medical tests must be performed, treatment administered and the case documented, you should have a doctor who has a history with the OWCP, on your side.

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